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Top 2 Apps for Forex Traders

Most of our lives today are enabled and supported by the many applications (or apps) that can be easily enabled from the Android or Apple markets. If we want to exercise, there apps that provide exercises and even keep track of how many pounds that we have lost.

For aspiring writers, there are apps that share motivational quotes from writers and others that provide writing prompts that help people write.

This goes the same for trading in the Forex. There are a great number of apps that can help in the Forex trading endeavors. Let’s take a look at the top two apps for Forex traders.



The first app we’ll be looking at is called thinkorswim mobile. This is one of the most popular trading apps out in the market right now. It was actually created by a brokerage company called Ameritrade.

First and foremost, it can be used for trading in itself. It serves as a platform for your trading needs. Through the simple interface in the app, you are able to trade currencies, stocks, and more.

Apart from that, the brokers also upload charts and update it regularly. These charts can help you read the market better and make more informed decisions. There is also an area you can access that gives shows you the latest news from around the globe.

Monitor where you are at in the market, learn from current events, communicate with your fellow traders, and trade all through one app.

Trade Interceptor


Another good trading app in the market is Trade Interceptor. There are a multitude of option available to you. First you will have the ability to trade currency pairs. You can also trade commodities and binary options too.

There are also a host of technical charts on the app that you can use to learn more about the current market and apply it to your trading.

Perhaps one of the biggest and best features is how you can simulate trades to see how your strategies would go. These simulations use historical data.

These are only a couple of the best apps for Forex trading. Do try these and see which fits for you.